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Adl Advisory is a Malaysia-based global Shariah Advisory company with a team of seasoned professionals comprising of practitioners who possess extensive knowledge of both local regulations and international best practices concerning Shariah compliance. Adl Advisory recognizes that Shariah-compliance is a way to create a more just (Adl), equitable world.


Adl works with businesses, organizations, entities, investors and asset managers to help them understand their responsibilities regarding shariah compliance and how to implement these principles in their operations. Adl is committed to being accessible to all businesses regardless of size or location.

Shariah Compliant
Advisory Partner

Adl Advisory is a Malaysian-based global Shariah advisory entity that provides Shariah advisory, reviews, auditing and training services in the Halal, Islamic economics, and Islamic finance domains. Team Adl has certified Muftis, AAOIFI certified Shariah Advisor & Auditors (CSAA), AAOIFI Master Trainer and Registered Shariah Advisor with Securities Commission Malaysia, who all have significant experience advising startups and Islamic Fintech businesses.

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Islamic Banking

With a team of seasoned experts in Islamic finance, we offer Shariah review, Shariah compliance, product development, shariah risk management, market insights, Shariah board services, and shariah governance policies and strategies.

Islamic Fintech

With extensive experience in crowdfunding, blockchain, takafultech and robo-advisory, we guide startups and established players in developing Shariah-compliant solutions, revolutionizing the world of Islamic fintech and empowering clients to thrive in the digital era.

Islamic Microfinance

Adl’s Islamic Microfinance consultancy, advisory and audit drive financial inclusion and empowerment. We merge Shariah compliance expertise with microfinance principles to serve diverse communities, by enabling ethical and accessible financial services.

Islamic Crowdfunding

Adl Advisory has extensive experience in providing Shariah advisory services to Islamic P2P, Equity and Charity crowdfunding platforms and Issuers. Our expertise ensures that these platforms comply with Shariah principles, promoting transparency and socially responsible crowdfunding campaigns that attract a diverse range of Islamic investors.

Islamic Capital Markets

As a registered Shariah Advisory company under the Securities Comission Malaysia, Adl is a trusted partner for the Islamic Capital Markets industry, offering cutting-edge consultancy in Shariah-compliant investment strategies, Sukuk structuring, halal stock, market research, and shariah risk management.

Fund Management

Adl Advisory guides asset managers, robo-advisory platforms, Venture Capital firms in developing and managing Shariah-compliant funds and investments that align with ethical principles and regulatory requirements.


Adl Advisory is the trusted partner in shaping Shariah-compliant Takaful products. As experienced Shariah advisory company, Adl collaborates with clients to structure Takaful solutions that align seamlessly with Islamic principles.

Halal Businesses

Adl Advisory offers specialized Shariah and Halal advisory services for businesses, helping them adopt Shariah-compliant practices and ethical-sustainable strategies. Our expert team provides personalized consultations and certifications, empowering companies with a competitive edge to build successful businesses aligned with Islamic principles.

Note From ADL CEO

"At Adl Advisory, we are honoured to guide HASAN VC in aligning Shariah principles with modern entrepreneurship. Islam inherently supports entrepreneurship, driving the real sector. The echoes between Musharakah-Mudharabah contracts and contemporary VC arrangements highlight a historical connection, with Mudharabah inspiring Europe's Commenda and modern VC structures.

Our collaboration with HASAN VC is poised to enrich the startup ecosystem, empowering Muslim entrepreneurs. This collaboration seamlessly integrates tradition and innovation on the frontier of ethical and Shariah-compliant venture capital."

Dr. Mufti Yousuf Sultan


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